Outdoor fitness equipment


Our outdoor fitness equipment is free to use and is a fun alternative to indoor fitness training. Compared to indoor fitness, outdoor fitness is a more green way of exercising, as there is no heavy energy consumption like in indoor gyms.

The equipment is designed for a wide range of ages and abilities to give the user full exercise movements through a range of exercises. In order to learn which fitness exercises you can do, you can use the fitness guides located next to the equipment. All the exercises are explained with pictures in order to visually understand the exercise techniques.

Facilities are located at:

  • Bailey Reserve;
  • Bentleigh/Hodgson Reserve;
  • Caulfield Park — located around the walking track;
  • Centenary Park;
  • Duncan Mackinnon — located around the walking track;
  • EE Gunn Reserve;
  • Halley Park;
  • Koornang Park; and
  • Packer Park.

Please exercise caution when using the equipment and read the instructions carefully. Remember that the equipment has been installed for all park users to share.

Packer Park fitness equipment in use