Mile End and Mimosa Roads

A new park is being proposed in Carnegie

The proposal to create a new park in Carnegie is an action of our Open Space Strategy which outlines a plan to create a more liveable, healthy and sustainable City.

The proposal involves a road closure at Mile End and Mimosa Roads and the acquisition of two properties. We propose to apply a Public Acquisition Overlay on two adjacent properties located at:

  • 11 Mile End Road; and
  • 93 Mimosa Road.

Residential densities in Carnegie are forecast to increase. To accommodate this change, we aim to provide residents with access to high quality open space that is within easy walking distance. Increasing and improving open space areas will positively contribute towards creating walk-friendly streets, enhance local streetscapes and contribute towards a healthier community.

A similar project in Elsternwick at the intersection of Archibald Street and Gisborne Street has provided an additional 1,000m2 of open space and has been received with strong support from local residents.

Further information will be provided at the appropriate time.