Open space

Open Space Strategy

We approved the Open Space Strategy on 8 April 2014.

The Open Space Strategy will guide the future planning, provision, design and management of public open space in Glen Eira from 2013 to 2026. This includes understanding and addressing the open space needs of the existing community and planning ahead to anticipate and meet the open space needs of the forecast population within the municipality.

Part of the scope for the Strategy is to provide an integrated framework that supports the justification for a fair and equitable open space contribution program. This is so that Council can then incorporate the program, with appropriate policy directions, into the Glen Eira Planning Scheme. The Strategy includes specific actions with broad opinions of costs allocated to them in order to justify the underlying contribution rate. This also provides direction for us and the community on the range of open space projects to be undertaken in the municipality through to 2026.

Download a copy of the Strategy below:

Open Space Strategy(PDF, 12MB)