History and Heritage Collection

Glen Eira City Council’s History and Heritage Collection records the municipal history of the City of Glen Eira through its collection of objects, photographs and ephemera. Primarily focused on the history of Council and its relationship with the community, the collection tells the story of the City of Glen Eira prior to and after the period of amalgamation in 1994.

Key objects include material related to the function of council, such as symbols of office, items commemorating civic events, and significant local records such as maps and plans. Many of these items have been digitised and are available online through Victorian Collections.

Glen Eira City Council History and Heritage Collection online

Many items from the collection of Glen Eira Historical Society and City of Moorabbin Historical Society are also available online at Victorian Collections.

City of Caulfield Civic Week - Nov. 16-22, 1958

City of Caulfield Civic Week - Nov. 16-22
1958 Newsletter
Glen Eira History and Heritage Collection