Community assets and infrastructure

Policies and strategies regarding roads and drains.

Asset Management(PDF, 113KB)

Asset Management Strategy(PDF, 636KB)

State of Community Assets Report 2013–2014(PDF, 591KB)

Street Lighting(PDF, 67KB)

Drainage Connections(PDF, 80KB)

Road Widths(PDF, 97KB)

Street and Laneway Design and Construction(PDF, 85KB)

Vehicle Crossings(PDF, 92KB)

Infrastructure Night Work(PDF, 65KB)

Protection of Drainage Assets and Easements(PDF, 96KB)

Road Management Plan(PDF, 1MB)

Register of public roads policy(PDF, 154KB)

Register of Public Roads(PDF, 1MB)

Our strategy and policy regarding street trees.

Street Tree Strategy(PDF, 515KB)

Street Tree Palette(PDF, 6MB)

Street Tree Removal(PDF, 245KB)