The objective of the Procurement Policy is to ensure that our expenditure on the procurement of goods and services is effective, accountable, lawful and environmentally responsible.


A substantial percentage of our funds are expended through the procurement of goods and services.

The scope of this policy is to ensure our purchasing activities:

  • Maximise the benefit to Council, value for money;
  • Comply with all legal, statutory and Council requirements;
  • Ensure that Council’s rights and obligations are protected;
  • Minimise the risk to Council and the community;
  • Maintain a consistent, transparent and auditable process;
  • Promote fair competition from suppliers;
  • Are approved prior to committing Council funds to external parties unless it is impracticable; and
  • Prioritise the purchase of sustainable, recycled and environmentally friendly products wherever practicable.
  • Incorporate social value principles into the purchase of goods and services.

Download a copy of the Procurement Policy(PDF, 1MB)