Glen Eira Council and Community Plan 2017–2021

The Glen Eira Council and Community Plan 2017–2021 (the Plan) sets a vision for the City of Glen Eira and identifies our goals and aspiration for the next four years.

This Plan has been formulated in partnership with our community. It provides a guide for individuals, businesses, local groups and other levels of government on strategic priorities for the City. These priorities have been developed from information gathered through a consultative process, supported by an analysis of demographic data, and with reference to key government and social policies.

Our Council and Community Plan is the strategic framework for all Council plans and activities. The Strategic Resource Plan, which forms part of this Plan, is a rolling 10 year plan that outlines the financial and non-financial resources that Council requires to achieve the strategic objectives described in the Council and Community Plan.

The Plan is structured around five key priority areas that will drive Council activities over the next four years.

We will strive for a City that is:

  • Liveable and well designed
  • Accessible and well connected
  • Safe, healthy and inclusive
  • Clean and sustainable
  • Informed and engaged

Glen Eira Council and Community Plan 2017–2021(PDF, 8MB)

Strategic Resource Plan 2017–18 to 2026–27(PDF, 2MB)