Creating a community for all abilities

Published on 29 October 2018

Earlier this year, we consulted with you about ways to enhance community inclusion and what actions could be taken to show leadership, lead planning and undertake advocacy on disability issues.

We wanted to know what access for all abilities might look like into the future and the role that Council might play.

The responses from this consultation have been used to develop eight initiatives which Council might offer to benefit the community. We are now inviting you to select and vote for your three favourite initiatives. This will help us to prioritise what to work on first. The eight initiatives are as follows:

  1. Supporting jobseekers with disabilities to find employment
  2. Getting fit, active and joining local sports clubs
  3. Volunteering and being valued for giving back to the community
  4. Supporting people with disabilities with advocacy and understanding the NDIS
  5. Creating a strong support network
  6. Educating the community about disability awareness
  7. Improving access to businesses in our local community
  8. Supporting parents and carers

Which are your three favourite initiatives?

To watch the animated videos of all eight initiatives and vote for your top three, visit

For residents who do not have computer access, voting booklets can be collected from Council’s Service Centre, libraries or the Youth Information Centre. Tear out the three projects you like the most and return to us in the reply-paid envelope supplied. Alternatively, you can vote for your top three initiatives via email —

The projects that receive the most votes will be incorporated into future planning.

Voting closes on Friday 16 November 2018.