Sister City


Ogaki is known as the City of Water. It is situated in the central part of Honshu, the largest of the four main islands of Japan, and is about 230km south-west of Tokyo. It is the second largest city in the Gifu Prefecture, with a population of more than 153,900 residents.

Friendly cities

The friendly cities relationship with the City of Ogaki began with the City of Caulfield in 1990. This relationship was reaffirmed with the City of Glen Eira in January 1998. It has been fostered with the mutual goals of strengthening international friendship, peace and understanding. Under the relationship, the two cities strive to develop mutual exchanges and co-operation in areas such as commerce, education, information, culture and tourism.

The relationship gives Glen Eira residents the opportunity to learn more about Japan — its history, people and culture.

Japanese garden

In January 2001, Glen Eira’s first Japanese garden was opened in a tranquil corner of the Town Hall complex. The garden symbolises Glen Eira’s strong link with Ogaki, containing all the elements of a traditional Japanese garden.

Designed by John Patrick Pty Ltd in association with Japanese Landscape Architect Koji Ninomiya, the garden reveals many of the traditional strands of Japanese landscaping, in the form of a stone garden. A feature of the garden is a stone lantern presented to Glen Eira by the City of Ogaki.

Other features of the garden include running water, rough-hewn and river-smooth stones, raked gravel areas and a small pergola. It is planted with small flowering trees and evergreen shrubs, most of which are native to Japan.