Youth consultation

Council conducts a range of youth consultation and engagement activities to ensure that young people have a voice in the community. Young people are engaged in many areas of the organisation including strategic development, youth issues, community awareness, advocacy and planning.

Connecting With Young People Strategy 2018–2021

The Connecting With Young People Strategy aims to empower young people and Council to work together to improve how Council connects with young people, so that young people can actively shape their community and their future.

Connecting With Young People Strategy 2018–2021(PDF, 4MB)

Glen Eira Student Resilience Survey 2017 Report

A total of 4,350 students took part in the 2017 Student Resilience Survey that explores the self-reported strengths of young people across 10 key resilience domains.

Glen Eira Student Resilience Survey 2017 Report(PDF, 2MB)

2017 Youth iPad Survey

A total of 304 young people aged between 10 to 25 years participated in the iPad survey and gave their opinions on youth issues, support, social connection and aspirations.

Youth iPad Survey Report(PDF, 1MB)

Young People in Glen Eira – Findings from the 2016 ABS Census

This report provides a snapshot of young people living in Glen Eira using statistics obtained from the 2016 Australian Bureau of Statistics Census.

Young People in Glen Eira10 to 25 years(PDF, 650KB)