School programs

Glen Eira Youth Services delivers school based programs that are flexible and responsive to the needs of local secondary schools within the City of Glen Eira.

Youth Services is offering the four most popular programs from 2015 listed below, or can tailor-make new programs specific to your schools current needs and curriculum.

All programs are delivered free of charge by qualified Youth Workers but are subject to availability.

To book any of our programs listed below or to request a specific program developed for your school, please contact Youth Services on 9524 3676 or email

Healthy Relationships

The Healthy Relationships program is designed to educate, raise awareness and encourage positive attitudes in young people when it comes to relationships. Through a variety of specially designed activities and worker led discussions, students can explore their own view of what a healthy relationship is, explore gender roles and expectations and learn strategies on how to set appropriate boundaries.

Leadership 101

This program is designed to equip students with practical leadership skills and engage students in discussions to explore key leadership themes.

A variety of activities are used to highlight key leadership skills such as teamwork, problem solving, communication and creativity.

Sleep and technology

Sleep and use of technology is fast emerging as one of the biggest issues affecting young people, impacting on development, learning and overall daily concentration.

This workshop encourages students to reflect on their own sleep habits; how the use of phones, technology and various apps have become barriers to a good night’s sleep, and provides practical tips and strategies to combat this issue.

Moving Up

Moving Up is a transition program for year six students. This program looks at issues faced when transitioning from primary school to secondary school such as; friendships and bullying, self-esteem and where to get support in high schools and expectations of high school.