Integrated Transport Strategy



Glen Eira should be a City that is easy to move around with a range of safe travel options and walkable neighbourhoods.

In order to achieve this we have developed a Integrated Transport Strategy which acts as a high-level strategic document that will set Council’s transport priorities, aligned with the 15-year vision for Glen Eira.

Glen Eira willbe a City of child friendly neighbourhoods that are connected to a network of vibrant and well designed walkable activity centres. The community will have a range of travel options to service their daily needs, with a reduction to 50 per cent of trips made by car.

Traffic and parking congestion associated with the growth of Glen Eira is widely recognised as a major and growing problem for our residents. Glen Eira has limited opportunity to increase road capacity, which means that continuing along the trend of increasing car numbers will ultimately lead to a critical tipping point where car travel is no longer an attractive travel choice.

Where congestion cannot be improved, the key will be to improve the speed and safety of other modes such as trams, trains, buses, bikes and walking. Acknowledging that the continued growth in car trips is unsustainable, Council will to work towards increasing the share of active and sustainable modes such as walking, cycling and public transport.

Background reports

Integrated Transport Strategy Background Data Report(PDF, 604KB)

Integrated Transport Strategy Case Study Report(PDF, 1MB)

Integrated Transport Strategy Transport Corridor Analysis(PDF, 838KB)

Integrated Transport Strategy Round 1 Consultation Summary Report(PDF, 1MB)


For further information on our community engagement process, visit Council’s Have Your Say page.


Existing strategy

Towards Sustainable Transport 2011–2014 aims to:

  • increase use of sustainable transport modes including walking,
  • cycling and public transport; and
  • decrease congestion and other problems caused by over-dependence on cars.

The Strategy leads to an Action Plan which includes:

  • actions that are under Council’s control; and
  • actions which Council can advocate to government or other parties on matters beyond Council’s control.

Download a copy of Towards Sustainable Transport 2011–2014(PDF, 5MB)

 Download a copy of the Transport Strategy Action Plan(PDF, 261KB)