Bicycle paths

Glen Eira is a great place to ride bikes. The flat terrain and closely spaced grid of arterial roads provides a well connected on-road network for cyclists. This, coupled with the historic Rosstown Rail Trail, Elster Creek Trail and the many off-road paths in parks, make for interesting and enjoyable riding throughout the City.

Cycling guide

We have produced a cycling guide to enable you to make the most of getting around Glen Eira.

The cycling guide includes things to see and do in Glen Eira, as well as great parks and recreation sites to visit. It also includes safe cycling tips and a map of all on and off road routes.

Download a copy of the On your bike! Your cycling guide for the City of Glen Eira(PDF, 2MB)

Glen Eira Bicycle Strategy 2010

The Glen Eira Bicycle Strategy 2010 outlines an action plan to deliver safe and extensive bicycle network throughout the municipality. We believe it will increase cycling through a combination of physical improvements, considerate policy and promotion and prioritising of sustainable and active transport options.

Across Melbourne, cycling is increasingly being seen as a legitimate and viable form of transport. Cycling promotes a healthier lifestyle, is kind to the environment and provides a recreational activity that can be enjoyed by all sorts of people.

The Strategy addresses the needs of all types of cyclists by providing a range of safe, continuous and connected routes.

Download a copy of the Glen Eira Bicycle Strategy 2010(PDF, 3MB)

TravelSmart maps

TravelSmart is an initiative of the Victorian Government and aims to encourage sustainable travel options such as walking, cycling and public transport. The pocket-sized maps contain information on local train, tram and bus routes, as well as maps of bicycle routes and paths.

The map was developed by the Department of Transport, Melway and Council to provide sustainable transport information in a convenient pocket-sized street map.

Glen Eira TravelSmart maps are now available from our Service Centre, libraries and local bicycle shops or can be downloaded below.

Download a copy of the TravelSmart Map(PDF, 3MB)

For further information or advice on sustainable travel, contact us on 9524 3333 or email: