Neighbourhood Sustainable Gardening Program

Gardening for Sustainability Calling all gardeners

Do you want to learn more about gardening? Love indigenous plants? Observe the birds and bees that visit your home? Want to grow your own food?

Then join Council's Neighbourhood Sustainable Gardening Program!


Residents, schools, community groups and businesses can join the program for free. You will receive a welcome pack, regular gardening tips and information, and invitation to gardening events, tours and workshops.

You don't have to have an advanced garden - we welcome everybody wherever they are on the gardening journey. You could live in an apartment, be a member of a community garden or have a large backyard.

When you join the program, you will receive a welcome pack with gardening resources and information, gardening products and a sign that can be attached to your fence. You will receive regular email updates on gardening topics and invitations to free gardening events, tours and workshops. You will also have the chance to connect with and meet other gardeners in Glen Eira.

Joining is easy and free. Fill out the short form below or you can request a paper form to be mailed to you by calling Council's Sustainability Team on 9524 3333.


Garden Tour from Glen Eira City Council on Vimeo.


What's in your garden?
YesNoPlanning on
Vegie patch
Fruit trees
Indigenous (local native) plants
Habitat to attract wildlife
Chickens or other food producing birds
Bees or aquaponics
Water saving features
Composting/worm farms
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