Delivered meals

Our Delivered Meals Service, sometimes referred to as Meals on Wheels provides home delivered meals to residents who, because of frailty, disability or ill health, are unable to prepare a meal on their own behalf. A variety of meals are provided including special dietary meals such as diabetic, vegetarian, reduced fat and vitamised. Meals are delivered by a dedicated group of staff and volunteers who also monitor the health and wellbeing of clients and report any concerns back to the office for follow up. For this reason, it is necessary for clients to be at home at the time of delivery to accept their meal.

Meal delivery

Meals are delivered daily. They are delivered chilled for reheating at a later time or as a hot meal for immediate consumption.

Meals are available 365 days of the year. Meals comprise a main meal, dessert and juice. Soup is also available during the winter months.

Using the service

The service is available to frail older people and people with moderate, severe or profound disabilities.

Service cost

A fee is charged for a meal and varies according to income. Fees are charged through direct debit of a nominated bank account or through CentrePay.

Receiving meals

Recipients of the Delivered Meals Service must be at home for the delivery. This is required to ensure that meals are handled correctly to meet food safety requirements. It also enables us to monitor the health and wellbeing of clients and to follow up, if necessary.

Special arrangements can be made if medical appointments or mobility issues prevent a person from being at home or answering the door at the time of a meal delivery.

Accessing the service

Referrals to the Delivered Meals Service can be made by an applicant, a family member, friend or a health and welfare organisation. Initial enquiries can be directed to us on 9524 3333 or directly to the Delivered Meals Service on 9576 9748.

At the time of referral, some questions will be asked to establish whether the eligibility requirements for this service are met. Provided these are met, services can commence the next working day.

Funding is provided by the Commonwealth and Victorian Governments through the Home and Community Care (HACC) program to assist Council in providing these services.