Supporting and acknowledging carers in Glen Eira

Carers provide unpaid support to a family member or friend who needs assistance. They may care for people with a disability, chronic or mental illness or an older frail person. Carers have the right to be recognised and respected for the contribution they make to the person they care for as well as the wider community.

The Victorian Carers Recognition Act came into effect on 1 July 2012 and officially recognises care relationships and the role of carers in our community.

The Act acknowledges the important contribution that people in care relationships make to our community and the unique knowledge that carers hold about the person in their care.

The Act is supported by The Victorian charter supporting people in care relationships. The charter encourages organisations and services to better respect the important role carers have in our community.

Glen Eira City Council abides by the Victorian charter supporting people in care relationships in our planning and the work we undertake with carers.   

The following fact sheets provide more information about supporting people in care relationships in Victoria.

For more information about support available to carers, including support groups, visit: