Accessible business

Do you own or operate a business in Glen Eira?
Did you know improving accessibility to your business can increase your customer base?
Do you want to make your business more welcoming and accessible to people with disabilities?

One in five people in Australia experience some form of disability — in Glen Eira that equates to approximately 29,000 people. 

Improve access to your business

The City of Glen Eira, along with a number of other councils, has developed YouMeUs — Achieving Inclusion to promote an understanding of diversity in the community and support the development of inclusive communities.

A series of short videos are available for businesses to learn how they can adapt and attract more customers with a disability to their businesses. 

Each of these videos has key messages on four main areas: Rights, Attitude, Communication and Access.

Jen’s story

Jeff’s story

Catering for Everyone (Trios)

Assistance animals

Good access is good for business

People with disabilities, like everyone else, want to purchase goods and services and participate in community life with their family and friends. If your business is not accessible, you could be missing out on a significant proportion of customers.

A person with a disability has a right to have access to any area or place used by the public. This includes shops, cafes, restaurants, pubs, sporting venues, places of entertainment, hairdressers and beauty salons, government offices, travel agents and banks.

Not providing access to your premises and services may be unlawful under the Equal Opportunity Act 2010 and the Disability Discrimination Act 1992.

Access is not just about the physical barriers such as steps into doorways, but also includes attitudinal barriers:  how we treat people or make assumptions about them, and communication barriers: how we engage with people who may have speech and communication difficulties, are hearing or vision impaired.

Removing physical, communication and attitudinal barriers will help make your business more accessible and welcoming. 

For further information on improving accessibility, including a quick self-assessment of your business visit,