Disability Action Plan

We are committed to equitable access and inclusion to all of our services, programs, premises, employment, and communication systems for all residents and stakeholders.

Council’s vision is for Glen Eira to be an active and involved community with a strong sense of belonging and connection, where all people can feel welcomed, supported and valued.

The Glen Eira Disability Action Plan 2017–2021 will guide Council’s efforts to support people with disabilities to fully participate in all aspects of community life in Glen Eira.

This Plan was developed through widespread consultation with the community, including people with disabilities; parents, family members and carers of people with disabilities; Council staff; and local disability service providers.

The Plan adopts a whole-of-Council approach focused on building a community that is accessible and inclusive to people of all-abilities and identifies four key priorities areas which incorporate a range of strategies and activities Council will undertake over the next four years.

The four themes of the Disability Action Plan 2017–2021

Theme 1: Promote inclusion and participation Theme 2: Increase awareness and help shape community attitudes. Theme 3: Create accessible places, spaces and services. Theme 4: Enhance opportunities for participation in civic life.

Theme one – Promote inclusion and participation

Council provides a comprehensive range of quality, accessible and community building programs and services to meet the needs of people with a disability in Glen Eira.

Local opportunities and choices for social connection, involvement and inclusion are essential for people with disabilities to actively participate in community life.

Theme two – Increase awareness and help shape community attitudes

People with a disability want to be accepted and included in a respectful and welcoming community which celebrates diversity. Awareness raising and education initiatives increase staff and community awareness around inclusive practices and promote acceptance within the community.

Theme three – Create accessible places, spaces and services

Well maintained infrastructure such as roads, footpaths and parklands make it easier and safer for people with disabilities to move about the community. People need to be able to get to and move around in buildings, places and spaces in order to be able to study, work, enjoy leisure, use shops and services, and visit family and friends.

Theme four – Enhance opportunities for participation in civic life

Many people with disabilities would like to work but face barriers securing employment.

Employment as well as volunteering, provides an opportunity to make friends, develop networks, build confidence, acquire new skills and contribute to society.

By leading by example and providing community awareness, Council can help to change community attitudes and ensure Glen Eira is a welcoming and inclusive community for all.

Download the Plan below:

Disability Action Plan 2017–2021(PDF, 5MB)

Disability Action Plan 2017–2021(DOCX, 62KB)

Disability Action Plan 2017–2021 Easy English Guide(PDF, 880KB)

Disability Action Plan 2017–2021 Summary(DOCX, 2MB)

For further information, contact us on 9524 3333 or contact our metroaccess officer via email: metroaccess@gleneira.vic.gov.au