Together We Stand

Glen Eira City Council partnered with the Anti-Defamation Commission to host a breakfast forum to show our support for our ethnically, culturally and religiously diverse community and gather support to take action against racism and discrimination in all its forms.

The Together We Stand forum was held on Friday 3 May at Glen Eira Town Hall. Guests included neighbouring Local Government Mayors and CEOs, Members of Parliament, faith-based leaders, local school principals and student representatives, community organisations and State Government departments.

In response to racial and religious intolerance, the following Together We Stand Joint Statement of Commitment was signed by all in attendance:

As community leaders we recognise that we have a responsibility to build a society that celebrates difference and promotes harmonious coexistence among peoples of varying religious faiths, ethnicities, genders, ages, sexual orientation and walks of life.

Together We Stand, united in our support for the freedom of individuals to express their religious and cultural beliefs and practices in safety, by:

  • Declaring that all forms of racism and discrimination directed at people on the basis of their culture, faith, gender, age, ability or sexuality are fundamentally incompatible with Australia’s enduring ideals and values of inclusivity, pluralism and respect.
  • Speaking out to challenge and confront bigotry and discrimination whenever and wherever it surfaces.
  • Educating and raising awareness so as to promote harmony, inclusion and the vital importance of always standing up to hatred.

We pledge to work together across our communities, to embrace an Australia which revels in its diversity and ensures dignity and opportunity for all.