Council tenants information

Venue Noise

With the approach of the festive and summer season it is likely you may hold evening functions at your venue.  In conjunction with the nuisance provisions contained within your lease or licence with Council, leaseholders must be aware of their obligations regarding venue noise.  Venue noise includes, but is not limited to, control of noise such as music, mechanical noise such as mowers, automatic watering systems or other garden machinery and general noise from patrons.

Leaseholders should visit the Environment Protection Authority Victoria (EPA) website at to understand more about these obligations and the consequences of being in breach of EPA regulations.

Please be aware that you must control noise levels both in terms of music/volume levels and the noise of people leaving your venue at the end of the evening, especially if you are located in a residential area. 

It is also important that your Club enters in to a Hire Agreement which stipulates closing time and reminds guests to leave in a quiet and orderly fashion.  Your lease also requires that a member of your Club Committee is always present at evening events.


Registering your parties or events with the Victoria Police

Both Council and Victoria Police recommend that all leaseholders register a party or special event using the ‘Partysafe’ initiative run by Victoria Police.  ‘Partysafe’ provides information to the Police to help minimise the risk of something going wrong at your party, such as intoxicated guests or gatecrashers ruining your fun.  You can register your party by filling in the party form available at the ‘Community Safety’/’Home and Property’ links at and submitting this form to your local police station. 

Test and tag of electrical equipment

Under conditions of your lease or licence with Council, tenants must ensure that they annually test and tag all electrical equipment to confirm that all such equipment complies with Australian Standard AS/NZS 3760:2010.  An authorised electrician will be able to do this for you.

Hard Rubbish Collections for Sporting Clubs

Sporting clubs within Council reserves can now book hard rubbish collections. The cost per four cubic metres will be $45 and will be invoiced to your club’s account.  To book your collection contact Council’s Service Centre on 9524 3333.

Landlord Consent for Building Works

If you are planning to undertake any capital works within your leased area you must seek Council’s written permission as landlord to carry these out before you commence any works. Applications for landlord consent are available from the Property Administration Officer.  You may also need a Town Planning or Building Permit depending on the works.

Contact Council

If you have any enquiries about your lease or licence, seek advice on proposed building works to your property or generally have any questions that we might be able to assist you with please don’t hesitate to contact us on 9524 3333.