Our environmental health officers are responsible for conducting education and enforcement activities of tobacco retailers, eating establishments, licensed premises and certified specialist tobacconists under the provisions of the Tobacco Act 1987 (Act).

Our environmental health officers also investigate tobacco-related complaints. To lodge a complaint about a tobacco retailer, eating establishment, licensed premises or certified specialist tobacconists, contact our Public Health Unit on 9524 3333 or

For further information and resources visit the Department of Health and Quit Victoria websites.

Smoke-free children's recreational areas

Smoking is prohibited within 10 metres of outdoor public children’s playground equipment, skate parks and sporting venues during organised underage sporting events, as well as in the outdoor areas of public swimming pools.

Train stations, tram shelters and platform, and bus shelters are smoke-free

All areas of train stations and raised platform tram stops are smoke free, increasing the comfort for customers who travel on Victoria’s public transport network.

The arrangements extend the pre-existing smoke free zones, which include covered areas of train platforms and under covered tram and bus shelters. For further information about these bans or to make a complaint, visit the Public Transport Victoria website.

Sale of tobacco

To assist in minimising the number of people taking up smoking, laws have been introduced to ban tobacco displays and tobacco advertisements in retail outlets (excluding certified specialist tobacconists). This includes unbranded tobacco advertising and buzz marketing. Tobacco retailers are also required to display a health warning sign and a 'No tobacco sales to minors' sign.

Sales to minors

It is an offence under the Act to sell cigarettes to persons under 18 years. Tobacco retailers must display a 'No tobacco sales to minors sign' and if unsure of a person’s age, are required to verify the person’s age by sighting proof of identification (passport, driver’s licence or proof of age card).

Smoke-free dining

All enclosed restaurants, cafés and dining areas in hotels and clubs are required to be smoke-free. Outdoor dining must also be smoke-free if the area has a roof and the total actual area of wall surfaces exceeds 75 per cent of the total notional wall area.

Licensed and gaming venues

All enclosed licensed premises must be smoke-free. Acceptable no smoking signs must be displayed in a manner that ensures a person is reasonably likely to see one or more of them on entering the premises or from within the premises.

Smoking in shopping centres

Shopping centres throughout Victoria are required to be smoke-free. Shopping centre management must also provide the appropriate signs ensuring patrons are aware of the legislation and must take reasonable action if a person is found smoking in a shopping centre.

Smoke-free workplaces

Smoking is prohibited in all enclosed workplaces whether or not the people working at the workplace are paid or are volunteers. Employers may need to find alternative arrangements for employees who smoke, such as providing a designated outdoor smoking area. Each workplace is different and the employer will need to determine what should be provided.