Independent living units

We provide low cost rental accommodation for financially disadvantaged older persons living in Glen Eira. We maintain 64 independent living units consisting of bedsitters and one bedroom accommodation.

Independent living units location

Independent living units are located at the following sites:

  • 12–16 Belsize Avenue, Carnegie (Melway Ref 68 J4)
  • 134–136 Jasper Road, Bentleigh (Melway Ref 77 E1)
  • 10 Curraweena Road, South Caulfield (Melway Ref 68 B6)
  • 76–78 Marara Road, South Caulfield (Melway Ref 68 B6)


To be eligible, an applicant must:

  • be a minimum of 60 years of age;
  • be capable of independent living;
  • be receiving a full Centrelink or DVA income support pension;
  • be a resident of Glen Eira for a minimum of two years;
  • have assets not exceeding $30,000 (based on a financial assessment); and
  • not have owned property within the last five years.

Rental charges

The rent you pay is either the market rent of the property or a rebated rent.

What is market rent?

Market rentals are assessed annually and relates to the value of the property. The full amount of the market rent is shown on your tenancy agreement. If the market rent changes, we will write and tell you what your new market rent is.

What is rebated rent?

Depending on your financial circumstances, you may be eligible to receive a further rebate from Council and pay a reduced or rebated rental amount. This is known as rebated rent and is the amount of rent set by Centrelink that you must be paying to qualify for the full rent assistance entitlement. In addition, 25 per cent of any other household income is taken into account to establish the amount of rebated rent. Calculation of the additional 25 per cent is in accordance with the rules established by the Office of Housing for public housing tenants.

How do I apply for a rebated rent?

When you first lodge your application for housing, it is assessed for rebated rental eligibility. Should your circumstance change, any subsequent application can be made to the independent living unit administration officer by contacting our Service Centre on 9524 3333. You will need to fill out the assessment form and provide details for all people living with you and income received. You will also need to provide information about savings and assets. If the application forms aren’t completed properly, we will not be able to calculate your rebated rent.

What documents do I need?

Each person living in the home must provide:

  • A statement of income — Centrelink will provide you with a current Income Statement, alternatively if you are employed, details of the past three months earnings must be provided.
  • A statement of assets — a copy of a recent bank statement or bank book and details of any other financial investments, motor vehicles, art, etc.

How is my rebated rent calculated?

There are two components to rebated rent. These are:

  • The amount of rent set by Centrelink for your pension type that you must be paying to qualify for the full rent assistance entitlement and;
  • twenty five per cent of any other household income over and above your basic pension entitlement but excluding specific exempt allowances such as the Pharmaceutical Benefit. This also includes income received by any other person residing in the unit.

When calculating your rebated rent, we take into account most types of income. Calculation of your rebated rent will include most Centrelink payments regardless of whether you choose to claim the payment or not, for example rent assistance. There are some specific allowances; however, some are excluded, such as the Pharmaceutical Benefit.

When are rebated rents reviewed?

Rebated rent amounts are reviewed bi-annually in conjunction with pension adjustments. If you receive a Centrelink pension or benefit, you do not need to advise us as the changes will happen automatically. Tenants who are in receipt of rebated rent can be asked to pay the full market rental at any time should their financial circumstances change. Notification in advance of rental adjustments will only be made where the market rent changes are implemented.

Should your household income reduce, you must also notify us immediately as you will not be able to retrospectively claim any rental relief should you fail to advise us of a change.

We will notify you in writing of the new amount as soon as possible after pension adjustments or changes to your income vary the amount of rebated rent payable.


Think you are eligible and wish to proceed?

If you wish to live in a Council independent living unit, you must complete an application form. If your application meets our eligibility criteria, your name will be placed on a waiting list. Once a suitable vacancy arises, you will be notified in writing to attend an informal interview. Council will give priority to applicants who are homeless or at risk of homelessness.

Download an application form for a Council independent living unit below or contact us on 9524 3333 or email with any further enquiries.

Independent living unit application form(PDF, 138KB)