It’s easy to turn your food scraps into excellent fertiliser for your garden. All you need is some basic equipment and information. 

Worm farms

Worm farms don’t require much maintenance. However, you do need to feed them the right diet and keep them cool in extreme heat. Worm farms can be kept inside, in courtyards or outside.

Compost bins

For a good compost, kitchen waste should be mixed with twice as much dry material such as leaves or newspaper. The amount of maintenance required depends on the type of bin you get.

Bokashi bins

A Bokashi bin is a small bin where food scraps are broken down by micro-organisms. These bins can be excellent for apartments. Starter microbes needs to be added on an ongoing basis.

What can go into your compost system

Material Worm farm Compost bin Bokashi bin
Bones Yes
Bread Yes Yes
Cardboard, shredded newspaper Yes Yes
Citrus, onions, leeks, spring onions Yes  Yes
Coffee grounds Yes Yes Yes
Dairy Yes
Leaves, branches, prunings, flowers Yes Yes
Eggshells Yes Yes Yes
Fruit (except citrus) Yes Yes Yes
Hair Yes Yes
Meat scraps Yes
Tea bags Yes Yes Yes
Vacuum dust Yes Yes
Vegetable peelings and scraps  Yes Yes Yes
Weeds Yes

Further information

For expert help in setting up your compost bin, worm farm or Bokashi bin, go to Compost bins, worm farms, and Bokashi bins.