Floods and storms

The Victoria State Emergency Services (SES) is the control agency for floods and storms in Victoria. For emergency assistance in floods and storms, call 13 25 00.

Emergency information regarding floods and storms is available by calling the SES information line on 1300 842 737.

The SES has developed a number of flood guides for residents and business owners and emergency plans for municipalities to explain local flood risks for communities at risk and advise on how to prepare and respond to flood events.

For further information and resources, visit the SES links below:

Emergency toolkit — a guide to staying safe

Home Emergency Plan — it pays to have a plan

Victoria State Emergency Service — Get ready at home

The SES has responsibility under the Municipal Emergency Plan for the community awareness and education programs on flash flooding within the municipality. The community education plan was developed and implemented with the support of Council and the SES regional office.

Municipal Emergency Plan(PDF, 1MB)

Floodwater is dangerous and toxic — never play, swim, drive, walk or ride through floodwater.

Further information and resources are available on the SES website or download the flood and storm related fact sheets below.

After a flood: returning home safely(PDF, 90KB)

After a flood: animal and insect related hazards(PDF, 87KB)

After a flood: mould and your health(PDF, 91KB)

Have your say — Flood Education and Engagement Plan for Greater Melbourne

The SES is designing a new Flood Education and Engagement Plan for Greater Melbourne that aims to improve and strengthen local community engagement. You can have your say by completing a short survey on your understanding and attitudes towards flood risks.

Have your say — Flood Education and Engagement Plan for Greater Melbourne survey