Koornang Park landscape implementation

Koornang Park

Landscape works at the eastern end of Koornang Park are complete. 

The project has dramatically improved the appearance of the area and created a welcoming, open and pleasant space. New tree plantings, native grasses and garden beds increase the usable open space and strengthen local biodiversity and sustainability. As the blend of native and exotic trees further establish they will provide both shade and colour, while ensuring unrestricted views into the park from Koornang Road which was previously a safety concern.                                                                                                                                            

New landscaping around the playground and adjoining picnic facilities provides a more appealing and inviting space for socialisation and play.

Improvements to the rose garden and memorial areas highlight each feature, with seating offering opportunity for reflection, relaxation and opportunity to enjoy the diverse rose collection.

For further information, contact Recreation Services on 9524 3333.