Harleston Park — Open space small basketball arc

We are seeking your feedback on a revised proposal for a small basketball arc at the northern end of Harleston Park.

Following recent consultation, Council resolved not to proceed with building a multi-purpose court space in the southern end of the Park. The community were concerned that building this would reduce the area of open green space, impact on dog off-leash zones and generally not fit in with the overall character. The play space concepts that were consulted on have been endorsed by Council and will proceed shortly.

We are now seeking your feedback on a smaller basketball space located closer to the playground area (northern end) of the Park. The proposed small basketball area is intended to provide an area for older and more active children who have outgrown the play space. This is an age group that is not currently catered for at Harleston Park.

Harleston Park has provided countless memories for generations of Glen Eira families. However the facilities are limited to play opportunities for younger children and established gardens for passive enjoyment and relaxation.

Encouraging children to be active when they are young establishes routines that could stay with them throughout their life. To support this, our parks need to be places that promote and encourage physical activity and play for a range of ages.


There are a number of ways to provide feedback on the small basketball arc, including Council’s online forum Have Your Say or via email: recservices@gleneira.vic.gov.au

The opportunity to provide feedback is available until Sunday 12 November 2017.

Proposed plan of the small basketball court location at the northern end of Harleston Park.