Community Satisfaction Survey

The Report on the Survey can be downloaded below:

Community Satisfaction Survey Report(PDF, 3MB)

Key aspects of the report include:

Overall satisfaction

Satisfaction with overall performance was:

  • Very Good     12%
  • Good              40%
  • Average         37%
  • Poor               6%
  • Very Poor      3%
  • Can’t Say       2%

Council performed best in waste management (77 index score), arts and libraries (76), appearance of public areas (75) and recreation facilities (75). All scores are significantly higher than the State-wide average.

Council performance in family support services, business and community development and tourism, town planning policy, planning permits and population growth were significantly lower than the State-wide average.

Positives and areas for improvement

The table below is taken from page 30 of the Report. It sets out the best aspects and areas for improvement as rated by residents.

As in previous surveys, levels of satisfaction are higher for services which Council controls (eg. parks, recreation and community facilities and waste management).

Community Statisfaction 2017