The 2017–18 Budget was adopted on 27 June 2017. The key points are as follows:

The rate rise

  • The average rate per property will rise by 2 per cent in line with the order by the Minister for Local Government on 16 December 2016 under the Fair Go Rates System.
  • The budget assumes an additional 1,000 assessments (properties). The average Rates per Assessment for 2017–18 is estimated at $1,361.
  • Total rates income is budgeted to be $89.21 million, including $800,000 generated from supplementary rates. Total rates and charges revenue (including waste) is budgeted to be $104.27 million.
  • This is expected to continue to be the second-lowest average rates and charges in metropolitan Melbourne.

New capital expenditure

New capital works expenditure is projected at $34.08 million with an emphasis on renewing and upgrading facilities we already have rather than creating additional ones. This includes expenditure on Council’s infrastructure assets such as: Roads $5.19 million, Drainage $3.57 million, Footpaths $2.01 million and Local Road Resurfacing $1.5 million.

Public Open Space

Open Space Strategy initiatives for 2017–18 of $1.53 million are funded in the Budget for:

  • Joyce Park, Ormond $400,000.
  • EE Gunn Reserve, Ormond $500,000.
  • Rosanna Street Reserve, Carnegie $250,000.
  • Spring Road Reserve, Caulfield South $250,000.
  • Precinct Plan — Lord Reserve, Carnegie Pool, Koornang Park $100,000.
  • Aileen Avenue, Caulfield South $25,000 (concept design).


  • The Budget continues the Warm Season Grasses Program $710,000 for upgrading Bailey Reserve Oval 1, Bentleigh East.
  • Bicycle Strategy implementation — continuation of off road paths, extensions to the on road network and works to improve existing conditions $250,000.
  • Park lighting energy efficiency upgrades $250,000.
  • Sustainability initiatives — LED lights, insulation and  solar film $507,000.

Waste and recycling charges

Waste and recycling charges are levied on the basis of cost recovery and have increased by approximately two per cent. Residential garbage charges for 2017–2018 are set at:

  • Large 240 litre Waste Charge $366 (including an estimated $50 State Levy)  ($359 in 2016–17)
  • Small 120 litre Waste Charge $177 (including an estimated $24 State Levy)  ($174 in 2016–17)
  • Residential Flat Shared Bins (240 litre) Waste Charge $177 per assessment (including an estimated $24 State Levy) ($174 in 2016–17)
  • 240 litre Family Bin $256 (including an estimated $50 State Levy) ($251 in 2016–17)
  • Medical 240 litre Waste Charge $177 (including an estimated $50 State Levy) ($174 in 2016–17)
  • Litter Management Charge $54 ($55 in 2016–17).

Recreational Services

The capital works program provides funds for:

  • Duncan Mackinnon Athletics Track Upgrade $1 million (includes grant funding of $250,000)
  • Duncan Mackinnon Reserve netball court development $474,000
  • Playground upgrades at McKinnon Reserve $350,000 and Harleston Park $650,000
  • Moorleigh Village Multi-purpose Sports Training Facility $275,000. Funding includes the conversion of the current facility, a 4 bay cricket facility, into a multi-purpose sports training facility. This will extend use to other sports and community groups.

Pensioner rebate

Approximately 14 per cent of ratepayers are entitled to a total pensioner rebate of $270. (The Pensioner Fire Services Levy Rebate is in addition to this.)

Fire Service Property Levy

From 1 July 2013, the State Government commenced using Local Governments’ rate systems as a collection agent for the Fire Services Property Levy. The levy is listed on Council rate notices, collected by Councils and paid to the State Government. 

Early Learning Centre fees

2017–18 fees are as follows: for zero to three-year-olds, $130 per day ($127 in 2016–17), for three to five-year-olds, $122 per day ($119 in 2016–17). Fees at Council’s Early Learning Centres are below average when compared against the other 45 private and not-for-profit Centres operating in Glen Eira. Actual costs will depend on the Commonwealth Government rebate in individual circumstances.

2017–18 Budget(PDF, 4MB)