Glen Eira News

The Glen Eira News is published monthly (except January) and delivered to all households in Glen Eira. It covers Council and community events and news, and provides an important link across the City.

To submit material for publication write to the editor, Glen Eira News, Glen Eira City Council, PO Box 42, Caulfield South 3162 or fax 9524 3397 or email

Community Diary submissions

The following dates apply for community Diary submissions in 2017.

Glen Eira News issue Submit material by Distribution
February Wednesday 4 January 30 January–3 February
March Wednesday 1 February 27 February–3 March
April Wednesday 1 March 3–7 April
May Wednesday 5 April 1–5 May
June Wednesday 3 May 29 May–2 June
July Wednesday 7 June 3–7 July
August Wednesday 5 July 31 July–5 August
September Wednesday 2 August 28 August–1 September
October Wednesday 6 September 2–6 October
November Wednesday 4 October 30 October–3 November
December Wednesday 1 November 4–8 December