Council’s CCTV cameras

Our CCTV systems are installed at fixed locations on land and buildings which are owned or controlled by us.

We operate CCTV systems to support the provision and management of our services, assets and facilities. We will not operate CCTV where the primary purpose is enforcement of criminal law.

The management, use and storage of any footage or images taken by our CCTV cameras will be in accordance with the law and any relevant Council policies.

Closed Circuit Television Policy(PDF, 97KB)

Request for data from Council’s CCTV

All requests to obtain a copy of or view a CCTV recording must be addressed to:

Legal and Governance Officer
Corporate Counsel
Glen Eira City Council
PO Box 42
Caulfield South VIC 3162

or email

Requests made by the police or other enforcement agencies are to be approved and signed by an officer at the rank of Senior Constable (or equivalent) or above and in the case of police, must include the officer’s rank, Identification Number and station.

CCTV request form(PDF, 104KB)